Spec Real Sound products from Japan are rapidly making a name for themselves. Check out these rave reviews straight from the 2015 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

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Real Sound Amplifiers RSA-F33EX, RSA-M3EX and RSA-V1EX

In order to maximize the potential of the unprecedented high performance of this range of amplifiers (power utilization in the power stage at maximum output; 96%), we daringly employed a classical and very simple plus/minus power source composed of minimal numbers of high quality components, such as only transformers, bridge-diodes and capacitors.

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RSA-717EX Real Sound Amplifer

Our new Class D Amplifier with the latest device! Thanks to the improvement of semiconductor technology, the integrated device composed of an advanced audio controller IC and two power MOS-FETs fully optimized audio performance was released from International Rectifier, IR in Calif. in 2012. We found the tremendous sound potential of the device and have been seeking to make best possible use of it.

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REQ-S1EX Real Sound Phono Equalizer

A phono equalizer with extremely simple circuit configuration making full use of the latent ability of latest high quality operational amps close to the ideal amplifier.

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RSP-901EX Real Sound Processor

The  RSP-901EX Real Sound Processor dramatically improves the sound quality of your system. The sound will be more clear and natural throughout entire range with 901EX. You will feel and experience more real sound with full of musicality. In a word, you will be convinced that the 901EX brings out the full potential of your audio system!!

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