The Audio Heaven Range


Allnic Amplifiers & Cartridges

Allnic design and manufacture some of the finest analogue playback equipment in the world. Every Allnic product is designed by   Kang Su Park, the CEO of Allnic Audio in South Korea. Mr. Park goes the extra mile, as his electronics -- various preamps, amps and phono stages at different price levels -- use transformers that he also designs and manufactures.



dc10audio’s horn loudspeakers deliver true state-of-the-art sound reproduction -- nearly perfect violins, piano, cymbals, brass
and vocals, and when the music requires the deepest bass, it will be there with perfect speed and weight, not bloated or thin,
but what is actually in the recording. Our horn’s unique configuration makes for floor-to-ceiling sound stage that fills the entire listening room with pure, accurate sound.


 High Fidelity Cables

An exciting range of audio cables featuring greater clarity and lower distortion. For the discerning audiophile who has their sonic focus on naturalness, resolution and a wide-open sound, these High Fidelity Cables could be the final door to audio heaven!




Yves-Bernard André has been designing audio products since 1971. YBA always has always been and still remains Yves-Bernard’s absolute passion. This passion is evident in everything he undertakes. The philosophy behind his products is simple: “Quality is a constant state of mind. It is a matter of passion and experience....not a matter of standards. Technology is not an end in itself … The pleasure found in listening must be our only guide.”




Pure musical performance from AudioMachina. Their speakers are 100% handcrafted - one at a time - in the USA by Dr. Karl Schuemann, the man behind AudioMachina. His passion is for making products that transcend the realm of the ordinary and pass into the realm of the sublime by using the most advanced modern technology and the finest old world standards of craftsmanship.







Unlock the potential of Digital Audio with this superb range of products from Benjamin Zwickel's MOJO Audio from the United States. His products include Music Servers, DACs, Power Supplies and Power Cables and are engineered to sound natural, musical, and coherent.They never use voicing or attractive distortions to impress or enhance. Rather, they seek to create the most musically transparent products possible.


aktimate speakers

AktiMate™ was first manufactured in December 2007. Released initially in Australia, its home country, within 12 months it was available in more than 14 global markets. Since that time the international appeal of AktiMate has spread even further afield. Not a year has passed where at least one of the models has failed to receive an award in some part of the world.




Kryna Cables & Vibration Control

Audio devices are mere "tools" for playing music. Therefore, KRYNA prioritizes the improvement in the value as "tools" when developing audio devices.

Sound must be three-dimensional.
Sound must be light.
Sound must be quiet.



Audiobyte's mission is to finally close the gap between computer and high-end audio. Audiobyte will always be the promoter of new and exciting technologies. The range includes the Black Dragon DSD Digital Preamp and the Hydra X+ Reference USB Interface.





RIP, Store, Stream and Play ..... CD Ripper, Windows Home Server, Network Attached Storage, Media Streamer & Player
 - all in one small box



"Perhaps I have spent more time in concert halls recording live music than most other loudspeaker manufacturers.
Wherever I go, the tone of real instruments is with me.
In my memory, in my body - and I promise you can hear it in our products." 
Sven Boenicke




All EINSTEIN components are signified by an incredibly musical experience.  The components are very dynamic with perfect timing and the ability to portray the recording venue without any loss of detail.  All technical development for the components lie with Rolf Weiler who not only bares a certain resemblance to the company’s namesake, but also carries a certain level of “genius” within the realms of audio technology.




Real Sound Amplifiers from Japan that take Class D to a whole new level.  




The Integrita audiophile music server from certon systems is designed to securely store and smoothly stream high quality music files. Compatible with all known file formats Integrita features the highest quality components and provides optimized data integrity via well proven RAID technology.





Chief Designer and rocket scientist Geoffrey Owen founded Helius Designs when he noticed that tonearms were a forgotten component within the hi-fi chain. This surprised him especially because it had been well established how much turntables influenced sound quality.

Helius Designs brings years of advanced technological engineering research and development to their elegant tonearms that sound as beautiful as they look.



We are proud to present our current flagship in digital audio reproduction. We believe it has the right ingredients to produce a sound that will honour it’s name. In the good tradition established by it’s predecessor, the Wavedream continues to push the limits of performance, design and sound quality.


A range of digital, ethernet and USB cables to suit your every need from HFC, Kryna and SAEC





Akiko Audio Tuning Sticks

Akiko Audio Tuning Sticks are absolutely unique in the high end accessories market. They were developed by applying new techniques and new insights in the areas of crystal patterns, paramagnetic and piezoelectric properties of natural raw materials. This is all brought together in a stylish housing of woven carbon, a modern material, capable of enhancing the properties of these materials even further.



Essence of Music

Essence of Music significantly lowers the digital noise floor of your discs, reduces laser timing induced jitter from light scatter and bi-refraction, improves transparency and the surface smoothness and reflectivity of the disc, resulting in greater micro-detail recovery. 


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