Analog-like reproduction from a digital source.

Mojo Audio servers have the lowest noise floor in the industry. That's because they combine the finest components available, including our ultralow-noise linear power supplies, and 100% fanless chassis. Mojo servers also feature optional high-performance dedicated I/O ports, interface cards, and video cards, all with dedicated power supplies, as well as specialized shielding and anti-resonance solutions. Your choice of a minimized Linux or an optimized Windows platform.

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NUC Mini Server

Maximum performance from a mini server.

Intel's Next Unit Computing (NUC) line of mini computers offers a powerful integrated solution that rivals the Mac Mini. Our custom NUC server is built around Intel's highest-performance i5 dual-core NUC board, installed in a fanless extruded aluminum chassis, and powered by an ultralow-noise linear power supply. Your choice of minimized Linux or optimized Windows running JRiver Media Center. This little gem has to be experienced to be believed.


Mac Mini vs. Intel NUC.

Built around the D54250WYB NUC board, our custom NUC has the same i5 processor and HD 5000 video processor as the entry-level Mac Mini. Both our NUC and Mac Mini can have up to 16GB of RAM and both have space for one mSATA and one 2.5 inch storage drive. The combination of our NUC's lower current consumption and fanless extruded aluminum chassis lowers the noise floor significantly resulting in higher performance than can be achieved with any Mac Mini. The only disadvantages of the NUC are that it can not run OS X and it doesn't have a Thunderbolt port. That's not much of a sacrifice when you consider our NUC delivers higher performance than a Mac Mini at a lower price.


Incredibly efficient.

The Intel NUC is incredibly efficient, consuming fewer than 15w of power. By comparison, the Mac Mini consumes 85w. This means you can power the NUC with our smaller, lower-current, lower-cost Watt v1.0 power supply, or power it with the second output of our Joule v5.0 power supply, in addition to a NAS drive, headphone amp, or DAC. This solution is ideal for unobtrusive systems or when space is limited. There's even a VESA bracket that allows you to mount the NUC on the back of a monitor.


Upgradable storage drives.

The chassis has space for one mSATA SSD and/or one 2.5 inch SSD internal storage drive(s). This would allow up to 3TB of internal SSD storage. There are two front and two rear USB 3.0 ports for convenient integration with external storage drives, flash drives, and CD/DVD/Blu-ray optical drives. For optimal integration with high-performance NAS drive arrays, our NUC has a high-speed Gigabit Ethernet controller.


Features and options:

  • Intel NUC D54250WYB main board.
  • Fanless extruded aluminum Streacom chassis.
  • Four USB 3.0, mini HDMI, 4K video, and Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  • 8GB of DDR3 1600 RAM upgradeable to 16GB.
  • 120GB mSATA SSD upgradeable to 3TB SSD storage.
  • Optional mini PCIe wireless card and antennas.
  • Ultralow-noise Watt v1.0 power supply upgradeable to Joule v5.0.
  • Fully shielded, cryo-treated, high-performance DC power cable.
  • Minimized Linux or optimized Windows operating system.
  • Optional anti-resonance base or VESA mounting.
  • 6"W x 4.5"D x 2.3"H  (15.2cm x 11.4cm x 5.8cm)



CAT Server

Unparalleled performance in a modest size.

Mojo's Computer Audio and Theatre (CAT) Server is less than 25cm wide, yet rivals the finest professional servers used in recording studios today. Built around an Intel quad-core processor in a fanless all-aluminium chassis. Powered with our Joule v5.0 ultralow-noise linear power supply. Your choice of minimized Linux or optimized Windows operating systems. Experience every bit of your favourite media.


High-performance dedicated digital ports.

For ultimate performance, you need independent connectivity. Our CAT Server has dual Ethernet ports to allow multiple network devices (NAS) and dual HDMI outputs to allow direct connection to both your video monitor and processor. For uncompromising audio performance, we offer dedicated digital output options, such as a direct S/PDIF coaxial output or a JCAT PCIe USB card. Optional dedicated ultralow-noise power supplies for USB buss, drives, and cards.


Several integrated drives options.

In addition to an optional DVD or Blu-ray slot drive, the CAT Server can fit up to three 2.5 inch or one 2.5 inch and two 3.5 inch storage drives. That means up to 6TB of high-performance SSD or up to 15TB of HDD internal storage. For optimal integration with high-performance NAS drive arrays, the CAT Server has two high-speed Gigabit Ethernet controllers.


The finest components available:

  • Joule v5.0 ultralow-noise linear power supply.
  • High-current quad-helix hardwired DC power cable.
  • M4-ATX 250w ATX power distribution module.
  • Intel quad-core processor with over 3.0GHz speed.
  • Low-latency CAS 9 RAM with integrated heat sink.
  • Gigabyte H97N-WIFI HTPC motherboard.
  • Optional direct S/PDIF coaxial output from CPU.
  • Samsung 850 Pro or 850 EVO solid-state drives.
  • Streacom FC-8 Alpha fanless all-aluminium chassis.
  • Optional Stillpoints Ultra Mini anti-resonant feet.
  • Optional DVD or Blu-ray player/burner slot drive.
  • Optional JCAT dedicated PCIe USB card.
  • Optional dedicated +5V USB buss power supply.

9.7"W x 10"D x 4"H  (24.6cm x 25.4cm x 10.2cm)



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