All EINSTEIN components are signified by an incredibly musical experience.  The components are very dynamic with perfect timing and the ability to portray the recording venue without any loss of detail.  All technical development for the components lie with Rolf Weiler who not only bares a certain resemblance to the company’s namesake, but also carries a certain level of “genius” within the realms of audio technology.  EINSTEIN components are all hundred percent in house developments deploying elegantly simple and often times “ingenious” solutions, which capture the respect and admiration of both connoisseurs and industry insiders alike.  Very much in the same vein as the company’s namesake.

The simplicity and elegance of our designs carries itself through the outward quality and build of the components.  All over the world, people with varying aesthetic preferences find EINSTEIN'S components incredibly beautiful and they have won many renowned design industry awards.  Primarily responsible for the overall design of the components is Annette Heiss, a well respected interior designer and architect.  Together with her husband, Volker Bohlmeier, the company’s main “engine”, they are responsible for the design and direction of EINSTEIN.