A loudspeaker is an Instrument

dc10audio loudspeakers are highly sensitive, and we're not talking merely about sound pressure level or SPL ratings, but also about capturing absolutely every tiny nuance of the music with an unheard-of tangibility.

To accomplish an entirely new level of sonic excellence in loudspeaker design, dc10audio have developed three unique acoustic innovations.

First: The turned tonewood horn is both the tweeter and the bass-reflex port. You have read that correctly: The horn-loaded tweeter is also the bass-reflex port; they are one and the same. The tonewood horn's unique organic shape increases the loudspeaker's efficiency while improving the bass response and correcting time-phase issues. This creates a virtual point source of sound for nearly holographic imaging.

Second: The internal tonewood resonator we call the "Instrument," which is loaded into every one of our loudspeakers, returns much of the drivers' back energy through the horn and offers additional damping without compromising on sonic accuracy. This unique innovation gives a new sort of tangibility to the sound not likely found in most of today's loudspeakers.

Third: The use of a solid one-piece tonewood baffle, which is mounted in semi-suspension. While the semi-suspended baffle further offers damping and its symbiosis with the drivers promotes a more exciting and musical sound at the same time, the back-loading of our drivers into the precious tonewood eliminates sonic deflections from the drivers' frames.

Whether you’re listening to the three B’s, pop, or rock ’n’ roll, you’ll be left with transient fidelity that is lightning-fast and has an open, breathtaking soundstage with the texture, tone, and tooth of live music.

Each pair is designed to be a lifetime musical instrument and a timeless sculptural element for your living space. Though audio formats might change, our highly efficient loudspeakers promise to be relevant now and in the future. A loudspeaker is an Instrument!