World-class performance just became more affordable.

Mojo's award-winning Enigma power cables bring out the acoustic character of any component. Unparalleled neutrality combined with incredibly low background noise reveal harmonic cues, emotional content, and organic timbres that bring you closer to the original musical performance.

They offer three variations of shielding and dampening to give international customers similar performance to our Engima Basic, Enigma CFC, and Enigma SE.

They recommend their 8AWG High-Current version for larger power amps, AC regenerators, AC filters, and power distribution centers.

For sensitive low-current source components they recommend upgrading the plug set and shielding before upgrading the wire gauge.

  • Shielded and dampened plug cases minimize EMI/RFI noise and the distortion caused by mechanical resonance.
  • Layered with carbon fiber shielding and cotton dielectric to minimize noise from EMF/RFI and mechanical resonance.
  • OFC copper VariStrand™ wire with low-absorption dielectric minimizes electrical resonance and dielectric effects.
  • Cylindrically braided concentric-core topology minimizes EMI/RFI noise and mechanical resonance.
  • Floating shield and isolated ground topology ensure better inter-component isolation.
  • Deep cryogenic treatment lowers the noise-floor and increases durability.

 Available in lengths from 0.5m to 3m (in half metre increments)

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