A bit closer to live music

No digital filters, noise shaping, upsampling, oversampling, or error-correction algorithms. Direct-coupled analog output stage with no output capacitors or transformers to limit bandwidth or color the sound. Dedicated ultralow-noise power supplies that isolate each type of chip or clock and feed them effortless transparent power. MOJO's digital to analog converters preserve rather than interpret the digital signal.

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The next evolution of our nonoversampling R-2R design.

The new Mystique v2.0 digital to analog converter takes digital music to a new level of refinement and realism. Keeping to their ultra-purist nonoversampling direct-coupled R-2R topology, they've added a discrete I/V conversion output stage, and two more Belleson regulators.

The result is the most natural time, tune, and timbre possible from a digital source. Effortless micro-dynamics and incredible micro-detail preserve the tones, textures, and spatial cues that bring you closer to the original musical performance.

Error prevention vs. error correction.

A true R-2R ladder DAC built around Analog Devices' famous AD-1865N-K R-2R DAC chip. To eliminate bit read errors, our power supply incorporates over 237,000uf of capacitive filters and nine Belleson ultralow-noise high-dynamic regulators that independently isolate each stage. The analog output stage is direct-coupled to provide the most linear and extended frequency response possible by eliminating output coupling capacitors and transformers that narrow bandwidth and cause phase and time distortion.

Because algorithms can't appreciate music.

With no pre- or post-digital filtering, digital noise shaping, upsampling, oversampling, or error-correcting algorithms, our digital signal path is the purest possible. This is not true of many so-called non-oversampling designs that still incorporate algorithms for noise shaping and error correction.

Unparalleled harmonic coherence.

Unlike most non-oversampling designs that use a single logic gate for demultiplexing the left and right channel signals, our circuit assures 100% phase and time coherency between channels by using a bank of six logic gates to perfectly align the bits of the left and right digital words to the same clock cycle. And to optimize linearity, the left and right channels both have an independent circuit that adjusts the voltage of the most significant bit (MSB) at the zero voltage crossing.

Optimized 24-bit 192KHz digital Input.

To minimize input signal degradation, they use a single-source digital input module with three dedicated ultralow-noise Belleson regulators and over 3,000uf of capacitance. Each stage is independently powered and all stages are completely isolated from USB buss power. Choose from
eitherĀ  USB or S/PDIF coaxial digital input module, both with 24-bit 192KHz decoding.

Uncompromising design.

  • Converts 24-bit 192KHz high-resolution music files that are input via USB or S/PDIF formats.
  • Direct-coupled analog stage with no capacitors or transformers between the DAC chip and output.
  • Left and right channel digital word synchronization to ensure perfect phase and time coherency.
  • Independent circuits to adjust the MSB for the left and right channels at the zero voltage crossing.
  • Built around Analog Devices' legendary AD1865N-K non-oversampling R-2R ladder DAC chip.
  • Burr-Brown's ultrahigh-performance OPA627 op amps for I/V conversion and anti-aliasing.
  • Vishay TX2352 1% tolerance "nude" metal foil resistors and tin foil polystyrene film capacitors.
  • Over 237,000uf of high-performance capacitors and nine Belleson ultralow-noise regulators.
  • Balanced noise-canceling Triad FP24-500 power transformer and ultra-fast soft recovery diodes.
  • Laboratory grade filtered IEC with multistage AC filtering that is extremely tolerant of line noise.
  • High-performance circuit board mounted Furutech FT-903(R) RCA connectors are standard.
  • Field convertible to any international voltage from 100VAC to 250VAC both 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • Stillpoints Ultra Mini anti-resonance feet with optional 3-foot or 4-foot base come standard.

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