AktiMate has just been named one of the best 30 products released in Australia over the last 30 years
at the 2017 Australian HiFi and AV Show                                                                                                        

From the year of its initial release in 2007, it has continued to receive awards year after year as the brand progressed from one pair of active speakers with iPod dock included in the design, through to today’s range
of models including the all encompassing ‘Blue’, with an array of analogue and digital inputs, sub woofer
output plus Bluetooth.

Enjoy these superbly engineered Bluetooth speakers at an amazingly affordable price. Connect them to any music sources - Phone, tablet, computer, CD player - or even  TV.

AktiMate’s appeal undoubtedly lies in its versatility, its quality of manufacture and best of all in the fact that you can make your purchase, take it home and set it up literally within minutes. Every connection cable you might need is right there in the box. You are listening to your favourite music instantly.


This two way fully shielded stereo pair of speakers includes 1 active and 1 passive speaker. A 40W Class D amplifier is housed in the active speaker. The On/Off switch is located on the rear panel of the active speaker and a blue LED lights above the volume knob when the system  is on. The knob on the left hand front is a three position input selector for iPod, USB
(for PC playback) or 3.5mm jack plug input. All cables are supplied - these include 3.5mm and USB together with speaker
cable to link the active and passive speaker.

AktiMate™ Micro speakers are available in a choice of gloss finishes - red, white or black.

See User Guide for full details and specifications.

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Input selection is accessed via remote control or by a series of short presses on the volume/control knob. There are four input options, iPod, RCA 1, RCA 2, and 3.5mm stereo jack and they cycle in this sequence.

AktiMate Mini+ speakers have 2 other types of inputs on the rear panel.  The 2 x RCA inputs (L&R) are ideal for connecting a CD player, tuner, or other line level source. The AUX 3.5mm socket is ideal for connecting to a computer sound card, AirPort Express, or other type of MP3 player.

Your AktiMate Mini+ is an ideal TV speaker. Connection is simple using one of the RCA inputs. Alternatively it is possible to use the 3.5mm into a headphone out on your TV. Input selection is either by remote control or by use of the control knob on the front of the speaker. The selection operates on a cycle - iPod/Aux 1 (RCA)/Aux 2 (RCA)/3.5 mm jack.

The Mini+ comes complete with speaker wire, so you can literally unpack, connect the speakers, connect to mains power, switch on, connect with Bluetooth® from your storage device and you can be listening to your favourite music through superb hi-fi stereo speakers within minutes of walking through your front door.

AktiMate™ Mini+ speakers are available in a choice of gloss finishes - red, white or black.

See User Guide for full details and specifications

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